We manufacture concrete blocks from pumice and gravel.
The concrete blocks of gravel used for fencing areas and houses, underground props of the house on patios or balconies due to the strength of the material.
The pumice concrete blocks used to build houses because of the insulation of the material material . It's lightweight material , easy to build and very cheap compared with other materials as concrete blocks covering more square feet during completion of a project so the owner of the house has a benefit of cost of materials as well as labor costs.
Our company manufactures concrete blocks using particular dimension 19ch19ch38 because concrete blocks can be built double ( crossed) providing greater thickness and strength to the wall so as not to be influenced by weather and time. We also manufacture concrete blocks of pumice having the following dimension 8.5 ch17ch37 which are used for interior home divisions, saving space and offering insulation due to the advantages of this material . All these concrete blocks are in stock at our market.